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150000 Record Attendance System

$58 Ex Tax: $58

Fingerprint Time Attendance System - 2.8 Inch 320x240 Display, 150000 Record Capacity Fingerprint Time Attendance System is a clever biometric system to keep track of your employees, which also has a 2.8 Inch 320x240 Display plus a huge 150000 Record Capacity. Designed to help manage employees and employers manage attendance record, this fingerprint time attendance system uses biometric reorganiza..

Color Screen Fingerprint Attendance System

$78 Ex Tax: $78

Color Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System - 2.8 Inch, 80000 Capacity RecordColor Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System that features a 2.8 inch display as well as being able to store over 80000 clocking in and out records for monitoring your employees. Running a workforce and keeping on top of employees attendance has always been a challenge with some employees clocking in for others. ..

Fingerprint Door Lock with Deadbolt - Aegis

$134 Ex Tax: $134

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock "Aegis" - Deadbolt, Right Handed InstallationThis biometric door lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry, fingerprint, access code, and key, for when only the highest quality in door entry security is acceptable. Losing or misplacing your keys is extremely easy and poses a huge security risk. Not to mention, standard door handle/lock systems can be easily pick..

Time Attendance Fingerprint System

$96 Ex Tax: $96

Time Attendance Fingerprint System - 2.8 Inch Color Screen, LAN + USB PortsTime Attendance Fingerprint System that has a Color Screen at 2.8 Inch in size and also TCP/IP for strong connectivity to help you monitor your employees in cost-saving and efficient way. An effective way to keep record of your employees and staff is with this Time Attendance Fingerprint System. Requiring only a fingerprint..

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